Shit you need to know about the man behind this blog.

My name is Bulldog.  I enjoy blasting my opinions about anything and everything, and my topics of discussion are eclectic and erratic.  I really have no method, and I’m not trying to be a “professional blogger”…because that just SOUNDS too pretentious.   However, I’m using this as a place to post my rants, reviews and ramblings on anything and everything that I feel like spouting off about.  I don’t censor myself, so if you’re offended by anything I post…please feel free to fuck right off.

Random Facts About Bulldog:
*Die hard Pittsburgh Steelers, Toronto Maple Leafs, St. Louis Cardinals, Boston Celtics and Notre Dame fan

*Married with 4 awesome kids

*Atheist…with no respect or regard for religious zealots, but a comprehensive understanding of MANY of the world’s religions, as I find them, of themselves, to be very beautiful and wondrous stories.

*Complete disdain for the United States Government and the way our country is run

*Ex-Pro Wrestler (Independents) and avid wrestling fan

*Major video game, movie, cartoon, comic geek


*Artist/Sculptor/Painter of custom figures

*Huge fan of Cobra (from G.I. Joe) with an awesome collection of toys!