Deadpool: The Game! The Review!


Okay, so taking a break from Deadpooling right now to let you know that Game Informer rated this game a 6.00. That’s right, a fuckin’ 6. I’m gonna’ tell you right now, if you love action games, comics, and especially Deadpool, this game is a SOLID 8-8.5. The reason I can’t rate it higher is because of four factors.

1. No Online Multiplayer – This should have been a goal of this game from day one. You’ve got the Marvel license…so UTILIZE IT! You could’ve had most of the main characters from Deadpool and the X-Men as playable characters in multiplayer games. Hell, even the option to make your own new character as part of the Deadpool Corps and just pick a few certain factors of Deadpool, or some other mutants to factor into your creation.

2. The combat controls are SOMETIMES a little clunky. SOMETIMES! It’s just when you get surrounded and you’re fighting like hell to take everyone down and also protect yourself and warp out of harm’s way. Other than that, this game has a great controller setup and is easy to master and learn the new combos as you progress.

3. No mini-map – Just a small mini-map with an objective point in one corner of the screen would be helpful as it’s easy to get turned around in the game sometimes and it takes a moment to figure out which way you were supposed to be going.

4. No Co-Op Play – This kinda’ goes back to multiplayer, but just in the sense that it would be awesome to be able to play with friends through the campaign. Make the enemies harder and more plentiful. You could have the Deadpool Corps, Cable and a multitude of other X-Men to choose from for you and your friends to play even Co-Op games without the need for multiplayer battle.

These are the four things that Activision should fix if they get to make a Deadpool 2 game. Other than that, this game is AWESOME! So much hilarity, as Nolan North’s voicing of Deadpool, once again, shines through. Breaking the 4th wall has NEVER been this much fun!!!

Okay, back to Deadpoolin’!