Religions of the World Vol 2: Zoroastrianism

  The following information provided by with more references listed after. I hope you all enjoy, and feel free to discuss so long as it stays on topic of the religion at… Continue reading

Religions of the World Vol 1: Asatru

I have begun a new project on Facebook, introducing my Friends List to a new religion every day, and I figured why not add it to my blog as well?  So, what I… Continue reading

Turning your USB Flash Drive into a complete computer utility tool

  So, I stumbled across this wonderful article today “Create the Ultimate USB Rescue Drive” which can be found here… and all I can say is this is absolutely brilliant!  So I… Continue reading

Military Worship Pisses Me Off!

I’d like to honor the heroes at Denny’s who cook my meal and serve it to me without ever asking anything in return other than my money and patronage.  I’d like to thank… Continue reading

Villain’s Den Gaming – Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

So, I rented Ghost Recon: Future Soldier from GameFly.  Now, being that I’m not much into Call of Duty or Battlefield games though I’ve played them (as I’m more a Halo fan myself),… Continue reading

The Scale of the Universe 2!

Being a hoarder of knowledge, especially about space and our known universe, I find things like this fascinating.  But this may be the BEST one of this type.  You can scroll in and… Continue reading

Technological Singularity: I’m ready to be a Cyborg!

When most people hear the word “Cyborg” their minds fill with images of robots who look human, or the Terminator.  However, this isn’t entirely correct.  While the Terminator was living tissue over a… Continue reading

Analog to Digital: Making the switch to e-cigarettes

Today marks my one year anniversary since I switched to an electronic cigarette…and I couldn’t be happier with the decision.  I have several friends who switched before me and I was always skeptical… Continue reading

The Gods are not Amused!

Those who know me, know I have complete disdain and intolerance for religion.  I find it to be the single greatest crime against humanity as it has done nothing but spread hatred and… Continue reading

The Wrestling Doghouse with the “King of Villains” Bulldog Milenko (Vol 2): Project Tag Team Revival!

Many people are wondering “Can the WWE Tag Team division be revived?  Can it return to its former glory?  Well, my friends, I’m here to tell you…”YES, YES, YES!!!”.  I feel that I… Continue reading

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