Turning your USB Flash Drive into a complete computer utility tool


So, I stumbled across this wonderful article today “Create the Ultimate USB Rescue Drive” which can be found here…


and all I can say is this is absolutely brilliant!  So I set to work on saving everything from my 8GB HP flash drive to my external hard drive, and installed LiberKey and PortableApps.com as menus on the drive.  I then began downloading and installing tons of portable utility, gaming, entertainment, reference and system maintenance programs through the menus.  All of them work perfectly!  I can now plug this drive into any computer’s usb port and run diagnostics, anti-virus (and various other protection programs), games, movies, music, office programs, reference tools, etc., ALL from the flash drive itself without installing anything onto the computer being used.

Now, this may be an old concept to some, but most people I know would most likely never have thought to use a flash drive as a separate operating system in conjunction with the one present on their computer.  I know I didn’t, yet when I read, it made perfect sense.

As for the article above, it provides several key resources, but I felt it necessary to link to this next page directly for LiberKey so you can browse their application library firsthand and see for yourself everything that’s available to you…absolutely FREE!!!


After installing the bulk of the programs listed there, I then set out on another, more important endeavor.  Turning my USB Utility Drive into a Super Nintendo.  It’s true, emulators and roms have been around for years…but many still don’t know the joys of these free programs which can reconnect you with one of the most awesome gaming consoles ever made.  There are also emulators for GameBoy Advance, Sega Genesis, Playstation, and virtually any other older gen console you can think of.  Here is a link to the SNES emulator and roms I use.  For the other systems, you can do a Google search and find them easily.

For the emulator:


and for the ROMS:


I am running through Super Metroid right now in all it’s 16-Bit splendor, and after that it will be on to Final Fantasy III, followed by Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past!

Hopefully this gives some of you a great idea to create your own USB Utility Drive, and don’t forget, you can, if you have a large enough flash drive, backup your current computer, and even create a Windows recovery disk on said drive.  Good luck, and good geeking!