Military Worship Pisses Me Off!

I’d like to honor the heroes at Denny’s who cook my meal and serve it to me without ever asking anything in return other than my money and patronage.  I’d like to thank the heroes at the electric company who keep the electronics in my house running (with occasional exceptions) and remain unnamed.  Next would be the heroes who developed the Android platform for mobile phones, without which life would surely grind to a halt.  And lest we forget the brave souls who keep XBOX live running and functional…because things like that keep me occupied and keep me from killing people for real!  I’m sure that most of you will just say these are people who chose a job, regardless of how tough or thankless it may be, and deserve no special treatment or acknowledgment for the profession they chose.  Perhaps I should embellish their accomplishments or perhaps spin it to make it seem like they’re doing something that they’re really not, all the while masking that they’re working to further someone else’s agenda.

Now, let me clarify for those who will get their panties twisted because of the onslaught of brainwashing they’ve been subjected to.  I respect anyone who serves in the military…just as I respect anyone who works ANY job to put food on the table for their family.  However, this false notion that our military is “defending our freedom” while at war in shithole countries who are not attacking us, sometimes killing bad people, and sometimes killing innocents.  My freedom isn’t being directly threatened by anyone other than my own fucking government, and even if it were threatened by a foreign source, it wouldn’t be the military with their miles and miles of red tape, regulations and protocol who protect me or defend this country.  It will be the over 100 million gun owners (which includes myself) who will do the most damage to any foreign threat who would seek to occupy and control this nation and it’s people, because at the end of the day we, the people, don’t take orders and have no commanding officers to answer to should an actual war break out on American soil.  I will protect myself and defend my own freedom…and if I can’t, I’ll die trying.

I know there will be a lot of you who consider this blasphemous, and it’s for that reason that I’m writing this.  This notion that is forced upon us at all times to basically “worship the military” is wrong in every sense.  Meanwhile, our military continues to occupy countries which have resources we desire to control.  Nothing more, nothing less.  What is heroic about pushing around people who are ill-equipped to combat you properly?  That’s like beating up a kid with Down Syndrome.

And since when is dying in combat the ultimate sacrifice?  Why are military personnel, policemen and firemen the only people who “pay the ultimate price” when dying?  Actually, if you die in combat, you seemingly weren’t good enough, and with your death comes the plague on the rest of your group of being a man short, which could cause them to die!  Now, am I saying it’s a troop’s fault for being killed?  No.  However, I’m saying that just because someone was killed who happened to be in combat doesn’t make them a FUCKING HERO!  Look up the staggering numbers of female troops who have been deployed and are raped by their fellow servicemen.  Did you know that the number is around 40%?  ALMOST HALF!  Yeah, those are your god damn heroes you pompous, ignorant half-wits!  How many innocent civilians do they murder?  How many children?

Again, I understand that serving in the military is a tough job, but so is road construction.  Don’t be a brainwashed idiot and simply regurgitate this sentiment about military personnel as most of you do with religion because you don’t know any better and it’s been pounded into your skull.  Really step back, and look at the “Military Worship” that is happening.  They did the same thing in Germany, Russia, Italy, etc.  They put them on a pedestal where they did not belong.

I’ll give you a quote, which if you’re unable to comprehend, I pity you…”A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.”—James Madison

Military Worship annoys the piss out of me.  You took a job and you collect a paycheck, working for assholes who choose to put you in danger.  This doesn’t make you a hero, this simply makes you someone who doesn’t weigh the options of employment very heavily.  Do some military personnel perform heroic acts?  Sure!  So do ordinary, every day people.  Except when they die, they don’t get a hero’s sendoff full of ceremony and grandeur.  Also, as for heroic acts, why don’t you ask the average person who has served in combat about the things they did that they WERE NOT ordered to?  I’ll bet your opinion of their heroics would change drastically, especially if they were forced to tell the truth.