The Gods are not Amused!

Those who know me, know I have complete disdain and intolerance for religion.  I find it to be the single greatest crime against humanity as it has done nothing but spread hatred and separation among mankind.  I often speak out about Christianity, Islam, etc., and make no apologies for my opinion on the subject.  I am well versed in many religions and have read the bibles or tomes of more religions than most people I’ve ever come in contact with, so I’m armed with knowledge when I rant about religions and their followers and the atrocities which are committed through these lies.

However, I do have the ability to speak from the opposite point of view, which most people find even more detestable than my true feelings and opinions on religion in the first place.  I do this to show how ludicrous and insane these beliefs are.  This post, though, is a completely different beast in nature than anything I’ve ever spoken about.

I’ve been watching Ancient Aliens a lot (because I’m absolutely enthralled by the show and it offers a more logically sound explanation for religions and human existence than anything else has thus far in regard to our origins).  Let’s, for the sake of argument, agree that all of the “gods” which mankind has harbored in our existence are, in fact, extraterrestrial beings who came here to create us, and possibly everything else on our planet, as a sort of experimental science project.  These “gods” instructed man, throughout our many changes and ages, how to live and how to pay tribute to them.  If you look  through history, the majority of gods which man has known required sacrifices, and a lot of these consisted of human or at least blood sacrifices.

These sacrifices were carried out for many different reasons…bountiful harvests, prosperity, love, health, wealth, victory in wars, etc.  Let’s humor the thought that these “gods” do exist, and that they are directly responsible for our creation and our universe as we know it.  And in being our “gods” they gave us specific instructions on how to honor them and pay tribute.  As we have progressed through time, old gods have given way to new gods, yet almost all of the world’s religions are so similar in base nature and even share many of their stories that they all tie back to the dawn of civilized man (that we’ve documented thus far).  This implies to myself and many others that these “gods” are one in the same through time for us, and though we, through our own advancement and evolution have dismissed most of the gods, their demands on us would remain the same.

If you look at the world around us, you see that greed, corruption, hatred and distrust have consumed the majority of sentient life on this planet.  Humans have become a plague with constant wars and consuming of Earth’s resources at a staggering pace.  Most people would agree that the world as a whole is in shambles and chaos, not to mention a borderline unified global despair.  Could it be because we, in our human wisdom and growth (sarcasm heavily intended here), have forsaken the gods and therefore the tributes due them?

I’ll use myself as an example.  If I were one of the creators of mankind and all that mankind enjoys, and in return for the life and planet we have given you all we asked for were sacrifices, be it of animal, gold, harvests, blood or even people, of which your understanding is not required, and these tributes were not paid…we would leave you to rot and ruin amongst yourselves.  This would seem like far greater a punishment than simply killing all of you, because death would be too much of an easy release.  We would revel in the misery of our disobedient creation and await their self-inflicted doom as if we were watching a movie.

The population has reached a staggering number over seven billion.  Murderers, rapists, molesters, thieves, etc., have sprung forth in never before seen numbers across the globe.  War, death, famine and pestilence are plaguing mankind worldwide.  What if, perhaps, the key to all of this is mankind’s disobedience of the gods and failure to offer sacrifices and tributes?  Have we become too civilized for our own good?  In a world where the actions of celebrities are more paramount than political decisions which directly affect the world around us, have we fallen so far from the favor of the gods because we insist on following the lives of inconsequential people through devices which we rely too heavily upon, which are sheer pinnacles of technological advancement that most of us are unable or too lazy to comprehend?  Could it be that 67% of the Earth’s population are tied to three main religions (Christianity, Islam and Hinduism), thus honoring false gods, or improperly honoring correct gods by not paying the due sacrifices and tributes?

Or could it be that we, as people, are just a barbaric race, destined to doom itself through our own fears, insecurities and ignorance?

Whatever the case may be, should my scenario be the correct one…even if it could be PROVEN, humanity would still suffer because the majority of people today are either too selfish to offer themselves or their possessions up for sacrifice, and the rest would condemn the act of most sacrifices, especially those of other humans.

The “gods” have grown to despise our very existence…of that I have no doubt.