Analog to Digital: Making the switch to e-cigarettes

Today marks my one year anniversary since I switched to an electronic cigarette…and I couldn’t be happier with the decision.  I have several friends who switched before me and I was always skeptical of them and had heard mixed reviews.  What if it didn’t give the same “nic fix” as a cigarette and I wasted money on it?  On July 7, 2011, I purchased this kit after trying my cousin’s out and finding it very enjoyable…

Now, this kit was a minimally decent starter kit.  The battery, fully charged, only lasted for 2-4 hours, and the tobacco flavored e-liquid left much to be desired.  It is, at the end of the day, one of the generic e-cigs that you can pick up at a lot of gas stations/truck stops.

I began to research different e-cigs and decided to upgrade two weeks later.  I discovered Totally Wicked e-cigs and they are what I made the switch to.  This was the first model I bought from Totally Wicked, the Titan 510…

The kit I purchased, though, is no longer available.  It came with 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, 10 pre-filled cartridges and a charger.  I purchased a red kit first, and then the next week I purchased a black kit.  This gave me 4 batteries and atomizers which I alternated and they served me well from August, 2011, to February, 2012.  The only thing I ever had to replace was one battery (@ $13.00) and the occasional atomizer (@ $5.00/each but no longer available).  I then switched my atomizer to a Dual Coil XL Cartomizer (@ $7.00 each).  This gave a much better “throat hit” which is your inhale, and a better vapor cloud.  Then came one of the greatest additions ever to my Titan 510 setup.  The Dual Coil Tank ($17.00) (link below).  This monster held 3.5ml of fluid, meaning I didn’t have to refill as often, and it still used Dual Coil XL Cartomizers which were specially designed to work with the tank.

I never used the liquid that was in the cartridges, however, because I ordered Cherry flavored 36mg e-liquid, which was way better, in my opinion.  I’ll give you a quick reference to the average strength of e-liquids.

11mg = Light cigarette

18mg = Full flavored cigarette

36mg = Double strength of a full flavored cigarette

So, as you can see, I actually get MORE nicotine from my e-liquid than I was getting from cigarettes, and without the 4,000+ chemicals which are added to them.  I vape on Totally Wicked’s Titan line.  Primarily vaping Cherry, Apple, Vanilla…or a mixture of those three.  A 20ml bottle, which I’ve linked to below, normally costs $13.00 and will last me about 3 weeks.  Compare that to $5.50/pack of cigs for 3 weeks which would be around $115.50, and you can see the price difference is TREMENDOUS!

Then, in February, 2012, I purchased a new kit.  The Totally Wicked eGo-C (was $100.00 when I purchased it, now it’s $80.00) (link below).  I love, love, love this e-cig.  The batteries last between 8-12 hours and is more powerful than the Titan 510.  It’s larger than the 510, which I thought would be a drawback, but it’s actually better in the sense that I don’t misplace it as easily, and the cartridges hold 1ml of fluid, which is less than the DCT (Dual Coil Tank) I was using, but are much easier to refill.

All in all, my switch to electronic cigarettes has been very positive and I don’t miss cigarettes.  The range of flavors and the satisfaction of the nicotine I’m getting are perfect, not to mention, a healthier alternative than the 4,000+ chemicals that come with regular cigarettes, second-hand smoke and potential lung cancer and emphysema.  The other great part is I’ve saved over $1,600.00 in the past year since making the switch, and that’s with the kits, e-liquid and replacement parts I’ve purchased.  That ALONE was well worth the switch.

If you’ve thought about switching from regular cigarettes to e-cigs, whether it be to help you stop smoking, a healthier alternative or to save money…stop waiting and try it!!!

Side Note:  Totally Wicked’s customer service is amazing!  They have been helpful with everything, from needing replacements for non-working atomizers, to replacing an entire bottle of e-liquid which was wasted trying to make brand new, multiple dead atomizers work.  Not to mention, every time I’ve ever put a request in the Special Instructions section of the online order form such as draw a picture of “a gorilla vaping”, “Firefly from Cobra vaping” and a “Bulldog vaping”, they not only had someone HAND DRAW the pictures, but would write a random fact about whatever they were drawing.  That’s just above and beyond the call of duty…and they’re tremendously nice people.