The Wrestling Doghouse with the “King of Villains” Bulldog Milenko (Vol 2): Project Tag Team Revival!

Many people are wondering “Can the WWE Tag Team division be revived?  Can it return to its former glory?  Well, my friends, I’m here to tell you…”YES, YES, YES!!!”.  I feel that I have a good grasp on the wrestling industry as a whole, and I should probably have a creative job with either WWE, TNA or ROH (as I’m sure thousands of other people feel they should also).  What I’m about to propose is a project that, if done correctly, would take between 1-2 years to reach fruition, and would absolutely restore the Tag Team division.

Here are the current consistent tag teams in the WWE:

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (Champions)

Camacho & Hunico

Jimmy & Jey Uso

Primo & Epico

Darren Young & Titus O’Neil

Now, that’s a pretty solid base…but come on!  5 tag teams?!?  Shame on you WWE.  The tag team titles used to be a coveted prize in your company, and now they’ve fallen by the way side and been relegated to a borderline punishment.  But fear not!  For I have the solution to this problem once and for all!  You must follow these simple steps, IN ORDER, and you can ensure that your tag team titles will once again become a focal point of your company.

1.  Scrap those ugly ass belts and start over with a new, BETTER design.  Those current belts look like someone melted 10,000 pennies down and decided to make belt plates with the molten scrap.  The “Hundred Dollar Titles”…seems fitting eh?  No one can take champions seriously if it looks like they’re carrying toy belts, and those things are fuckin’ HIDEOUS!

2.  Put Arn Anderson in charge of the Tag Team division.  He is the LEAD creative mind and the man who makes the final decision.  His experience, ring psychology and overall knowledge of the business makes him the ideal man to run this.  Or give me a call and we’ll discuss my contract and I’ll come do it.
3.  You introduce 1 new team per month from the list I have created below!  As for the trio and the stable, those should be put together over the course of about 3-4 months.  All in all, this should take roughly 9 months to complete the formation process (barring injuries, releases or suspensions).

4.  The teams I have comprised below represent a combination of talent which I feel compliment each other and in some cases, balance each other out.  This would also grab some of the lower guys out of singles competition who aren’t really making as big of a splash as they should/could be…thus freeing up more time to get more tag teams involved in the shows.

5.  Don’t forget to use some of your top stars as tag teams for a while.  Lest we forget how well this worked with Rock/Mankind, Rock/Austin, Triple H/HBK, Jericho/Big Show, Kane/Undertaker, and the list goes on.  Having CM Punk/Daniel Bryan, and John Cena(I just threw up in my mouth)/Zack Ryder do battle for the tag titles.

And now,I give you my proposed teams, two of which could be considered new stables depending on how they worked out.

1. Evan Bourne & Justin Gabriel:  High flyers, fast paced, both are extremely talented and fun to watch and would have epic matches with the next team.


2.  Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara:  High flyers, luchadores, high energy like Bourne/Gabriel.  Imagine a TLC match for the tag titles between these two teams.


3.  Curt Hawkins & Heath Slater:  Both have extraordinary charisma and in-ring talent, and by being paired up, it could give us potentially the same comedy and explosive matches of Edge/Christian.


4.  Alex Riley & Tyson Kidd:  These guys seem like they could be brothers.  Cocky, confident and both are so technically sound that they put on awesome matches.


5.  Damien Sandow & David Otunga:  Both are arrogant to the max.  Sandow is the superior wrestler of the two, and not to mention lightyears ahead in the promo department…but perhaps this is the type of pairing which would benefit Otunga the most.  Someone who could bring out the true cynical/sinister/elitist nature in him that could make him a more relevant superstar…or at least tolerable.


6.  Jack Swagger, Ted DiBiase & Michael McGillicutty:  This just has “winning combination” written all over it.  Massive egos which are backed up by in-ring ability.  Swagger and DiBiase are decent at promos while McGillicutty needs help but is definitely serviceable, and I feel that this grouping of these mid-level stars could help them catapult each other to main event status.  Two third generation superstars in DiBiase and McGillicutty along with Swagger’s list of accomplishments before entering the WWE would create quite a story base for this group.


7.  The European Union – Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre and Antonio Cesaro with William Regal as their manager:  This seems like a MONSTROUS idea to me, and something that could work if built in good time through great writing.  Sheamus is at the top of the company right now, with Barrett still maintaining main eventer status.  Drew McIntyre and Antonio Cesaro are both mid-carders with huge upside and bright futures ahead of them.  If you put these four together, with William Regal to manage them…this could be a different, but familiar incarnation of another famous group of four wrestlers with a great manager.


So there you have it.  My take on what could single handedly reestablish the WWE Tag Team division and once again make it interesting and make people care about it.  Feel free to comment, debate or rant!