The Wrestling Doghouse with the “King of Villains” Bulldog Milenko (Vol 1): The Good, the Bad and the Shits!

First, let me start by saying I just attended the SmackDown taping on June 26, 2012, with my 3 step-sons.   We had a blast!  It was my kids’ first live WWE event, and with them being 11, 7 and 5, they were just enthralled by the whole experience.  And, being the heel fan that I am, I have trained my boys well.  We cheered the bad guys and booed the good guys (with exception for a few), and generally gave crap to the people around us in a fun way.  When the pyro went off to actually start SmackDown, I thought my 5 year old was gonna’ go ballistic!  He just had this gritting, excited-yet-scared-to-shit grin plastered on his face. To see their faces light up when each wrestler came out was well worth the money spent…and not to mention…all four of us chanting “Cena Sucks!” while he was in the ring with Big Show and Lord Tensai (post show match).

It was my first live WWE event since 2005…because, well, let’s face it…WWE doesn’t give us a whole lot of good reasons to turn loose of our money on their seemingly increasingly inferior product.  I’m 33 years old, so I went all the way through the 80’s and 90’s, I remember the larger than life gimmicks, and the transition to the Attitude Era.  I long for the days when wrestlers appeared on a WWE program and more than 5 of them could cut a good promo as well as translate it to the ring.  But alas, the WWE has relegated itself to this new “PG Era” and has turned away from all of the grit and cutting edge stories that made them so popular.  Another thing they just can’t seem to do is “LISTEN TO THE FANS”!!!  I can’t stress this enough.  It seems to me that Vince and Stephanie need to chill the fuck out on scripting every single promo (with the exception of a few wrestlers) that’s cut and let these guys try it on their own.  Too many of the superstars seem like drones when they talk, and the fans recognize this.




There’s one Superstar who has been gaining my attention rapidly over the past year, and though when his current persona arrived on the scene in 2008, he irritated the shit outta’ me, I slowly started to recognize that he could potentially be great, and that greatness has now started shining for all to see.  As we watched his main event match, I was marking out quite rabidly for him and informing the morons around me just how great he was, lol.  When the match was over, the family in front of us turned to me and jokingly asked “Why do you like him so much?” to which I replied “He’s a great performer, has a ton of charisma and is showing himself to be a true top talent.  Within a year everyone and their momma’ will be jockin’ him and saying how much they love him”.

This man…

That’s right!  Dolph Ziggler is the future of the WWE as of right now.  CM Punk, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and a few others have established themselves as top talents but NONE have the talent or charisma of Mr. Ziggler.  He has all the benchmarks of a true WWE Superstar and a champion.  He has the look, the physique, the athletic ability, great mat skills, great promos and a tremendous work ethic.  Now, the intangibles that not everyone can see.  The man has outstanding ring psychology.  He knows how to tell the story while he’s in the ring.  He has heart and determination to be one of, if not THE best.  He’s willing to take risks and will put his body on the line to make whoever he’s working with look amazing in the ring with him.  He’s been misused and had setbacks because of WWE Creative, and yet has taken his lumps and persevered in SPITE of them.  If you’re not sure what I mean…let me point out that Dolph Ziggler was once the guy on the bottom right of this photo…

That’s right…Nicky from the Spirit Squad.  But what could be worse, you ask?  How ’bout being this guy…

Yes…that’s right…Kerwin White (played by Chavo Guerrero) had a caddy…and that caddy was Dolph Ziggler.

Now, moving on from those embarrassments which hopefully stay buried in the past, I’ll say that Ziggler, in his current form, reminds me a lot of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.  Both were in a tag team for quite a while before going off on their own and held the WWF/E Tag Team Championships.  Both established themselves quickly in singles competition winning the (in my opinion) most prestigious title in WWE, the Intercontinental Championship (for reasons I’ll explain in a future rant).  Both had tremendous amounts of charisma and physical ability and always put on great matches.  All of these things, Dolph Ziggler has in common with Hart and Michaels.  Also, you can add in a lot of Mr. Perfect along with Hart/Michaels and you’ve got the makings of greatness. Now, Dolph Ziggler has held the World Heavyweight Championship, but it was a complete garbage scenario and a turd laid by WWE Creative.

Ziggler has now, in my opinion, cemented himself as a Main Event worthy superstar, and if you need further proof of just how incredible Mr. Ziggler is and his ability to draw you into a match…I give you this…(please click the Hide Annotations button on the bottom control panel to remove the annoying red overlays)…

This match, in my opinion, is the turning point for Dolph Ziggler and will stand out as the night that Ziggler showed he should be a Main Eventer.  Listen to the crowd as they go crazy for him.  If WWE is smart, they’ll keep pushing Ziggler and put the title on him for real very, very soon.


Others on my good list currently:

-Drew McIntyre:  Needs a good push, this guy has a lot of great qualities and characteristics that you look for in a champion…he just needs to be groomed properly for the role.


-Damien Sandow:  Great on the mic, great in the ring…and ENTERTAINING AS ALL HELL!!!


-Tyson Kidd:  This guy is another who is poised to make huge strides in the next year or two.  Reminds me a lot of Chris Benoit…minus the massive brain trauma-flipping out-killing his whole family bit.


-Justin Gabriel:  This kid is solid.  Once he gets more comfortable with the mic, I can see a bright future for him, so long as he keeps a good attitude.



-John Cena.  What will it take for WWE to finally realize that true fans are beyond annoyed with Cena.  It’s gotten to the point where it feels like only a debilitating injury will remove this lackluster chasm of mediocrity from being crammed down our throats every week.  Listen to the crowd when they chant for Cena…all you hear is a chorus of women and children…meanwhile, the men chant “Cena Sucks”!  And what’s worse…Cena plays it off like it’s not that big of a deal!  I’m sorry, but if the majority of crowds are chanting that you suck…then it’s time to change something.  Crowds used to chant “Die Rocky, Die!” when the The Rock would come out…so he changed and actually got over bigger than life with the fans.  Cena, however, is just determined to keep doing the same, boring, stale routine week in and week out, no matter what.  And what’s worse?  Vince and the Creative Team back him!  I’m ready for a much needed break from Cena.  6 months…a year maybe?  I’d be good with that.  I, and most fans that I know who KNOW wrestling, groan as soon as his music hits or his face pops up on the screen.  I’m pretty sure I could find more joy by shoving my dick in a meat grinder.  John Cena’s music = Notification for piss break.


-Lord Tensai:  Prince Albert…A-Train…with a Japanese twist.  Okay, I’m happy that the guy found a niche in Japan and captured the IWGP Tag Team titles with Karl Anderson and Tomko…but it’s just not translating to the American audience.  WWE Creative, you need to fix this guy quick, fast and in a hurry, or ship him back to NJPW!!!


-Alberto Del Rio:  WANTED – The crowd’s ability to give a rat’s ass about this guy anymore.  What the fuck happened to Del Rio?  He was promising!  On the verge of greatness!  And then suddenly…he just lost all of his momentum and has become more of a nuisance than anything.  I think he’s a great physical talent, but the guy’s gimmick needs to be reworked because he’s losing the crowd quicker than a TNA segment full of 50 year old jackoffs who have no business being on television anymore.




-David Otunga:  Does this guy seem out of place to anyone else?  He’s not even good comic relief.  He’s boring, drab and downright loathsome.  This guy is completely unbearable and they either need to figure out what to do with him, or ship his ass back to FCW and reinvent him!  Hey, it’s kinda’ workin’ for this guy…for the time being…

Well, that’s all for now.  Stay tuned…I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to talk about concerning WWE and wrestling in general soon!